Mon 19 Apr 2021
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Listing 20 Jokes in this Category - Medical Jokes

Jokes Author Rating Hits
Cough cure
314.00 7691
Who's the Most Fun to Operate On?
309.00 7627
Gynecologist Grease Monkey
188.00 7385
Psychiatric Hotline
273.00 7564
Gassy Granny
338.00 8059
Medical Charts
126.00 7286
Suicide? Or Murder? Or Suicide?
144.00 8055
Who's the Most Fun to Operate On?
40.00 7068
Top 10 Party Games for People Over 50
73.00 7493
A Child's Prayer
114.00 7239
Joke Written By and For Retards
66.00 7236
120.00 7730
Shot To The Heart
58.00 7441
Practice Makes Perfect
57.00 7486
70.00 7551
An Amazing Connection
51.00 7137
35.00 7440
What do you want to be when you grow up?
96.00 7770
English Patient
41.00 7501
Blonde Diet
40.00 7611

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Picture of the Week
Humber Humpers - Contributor:
Joke of the Week
Brooms & Carrotsticks - Contributor:
Bob was joining the army and they were handing out rifles when he arrived, so he got in line. When it got to Bob, they had run out of guns. The man issuing rifles gave him a broom
"This is a magic broom -- point it at anybody, say 'Bangity bangity bang,' and they will die." Bob was really worried because he didn't think it would work, but he got in line for bayonets, thinking he might stand a chance if he could stab them to death. As luck would have it, Bob's turn came and they had ran out.
"Don't worry." said the man issuing them out. "I will give you this magic carrot -- point it at somebody, say 'Stabbity stabbity stab,' and they will die." Now Bob is terrified, going into battle with a broom and carrot, when the sirens go off, signaling invasion. Bob goes out, only to be laughed at by the enemy. One enemy even comes up to him, hoping to get a good shot at him. Well, Bob didn't have anything to lose so he pointed at him and said "Bangity bangity bang!" and the guy fell down dead. He did the same thing with the magic carrot. Amazed at what was happening, he continued to fight. Then, a guy came slowly up to him and he would not die. Bob tried to shoot and stab him, but he wouldn't die. The last words poor Bob heard as he was being trampled over were "Tankity tankity tank."
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